Wear your Favorite Football Team's Gear
    Every Friday in January!
    CATCH Kickoff Week! 
    See Backpack for more information 
    Friday, February 6th
    2015-16 KG REGISTRATION!
    February 23rd-27th
    See Virtual Backpack for more info
    Breakfast Program!
    Breakfast is available for students to order everyday between 8:30-9:00AM
    Walking and Wii Club!
    Wednesdays - 8:20am
    See Virtual Backpack for Registration Information
    School Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Dr. George Asfendis
    732-787-0441 x.8104
    District Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Victa McKenzie
    732-671-3850 x.1042
    School HIB ABBR Report Card Grade:  73 out of 75 
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  • All Schools will be Open According to Our Regular Schedule for Wednesday, January 28th
    YMCA/Healthy U/CATCH kick off week:

    We will have a special week-long kick-off during the week of January 26th.  Our slogan, tied into the Super Bowl is, “CATCH the SUPER BOWL of HEALTH”.  Each day, there will be a new theme and color. Please wear, and encourage your students to wear, the designated color each day and “CATCH the SUPER BOWL of HEALTH”!


       Monday: Healthy U t-shirts will be given out to all students in the morning to wear throughout the day.

       Tuesday: BLUE – Go H2O! Drink plenty of water!

      Wednesday – YELLOW and/or  GREEN - Energize your body and mind by eating more fruits and vegetables.

      Thursday BLACK – Let’s BLACK out recreational screen time!

     FridayFootball Jersey Day (or other  jersey or sports team shirt) – Go, Slow, Whoa! GO for the GOAL: a healthy body through healthy food and exercise!

    Port Monmouth School thanks the Horizon Foundation and the YMCA for their immense generosity in funding our CATCH program and supporting our mission to encourage healthy lifestyles for all of our students! 


     Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Forte!
    Port Monmouth School's 2013-14 Teacher of the Year!
    to Mrs. Roseann Nardini
    Port Monmouth School's 2013-14 Support Staff Member of the Year! 
      Mrs. Jen Forte      Mrs. Nardini
         Mrs. Forte                  Mrs. Nardini 
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