Middletown Village

Elementary School

Home of the Griffins

  • Middletown Village School

    Mrs. Maureen McCormack- Principal

    147 Kings Highway

    Middletown, NJ 07748

    Phone- (732) 671-0267

    Fax- (732) 671-3427



    Welcome Back Students!

    School hours are:

    Elementary: 8:55am- 3:05pm (doors open at 8:40am)

    PSD: 8:45am- 1:45pm

    PreK AM: 8:45am-11:15am

    PreK PM: 12:15pm-2:45pm


  • MTPS/ESS Job Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 19

    MTPS/ESS Job Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 19.



      Please be advised that the Middletown Township Public School District COVID-19 Screening Agreement must be completed once per family. This form requires parents/guardians to agree to follow procedures related to their child's health throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

      To access the COVID-19 Screening Form, please log into the MTPS Parent Portal, and follow the directions below:

      From the start page of the Parent Portal in the left column click on "Forms." Select the COVID-19 Screening Agreement. Review the form then select the YES button and Submit. If submitting for more than one child click on the "^" next to submit and select "Submit for Family."

Middletown Village Calendar

  • School Times

    • School Hours: 8:55 - 3:05

      Start Times

      K-5- 8:55 - 3:05

      Pre-K AM - 8:45 - 11:15

      Pre K PM - 12:15 - 2:45

      All students are expected to be in their seats ready to learn by their start time

District Mission and Beliefs


    The Middletown Township Public School District, in partnership with our resourceful and
    historically rich community, provides students with a rigorous and relevant education,
    rooted in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, motivating them to recognize
    and develop their full potential as responsible citizens, contributing to an ever-evolving
    global society. 



    We believe we must function as a united community to...

    1. Meet every student’s unique and individual needs, in a safe and nurturing
    educational environment.

    2. Prepare students for innovative opportunities in a rapidly evolving global society,
    in which technology is integral.

    3. Inspire, engage, and challenge students and staff to make the commitment to
    become lifelong learners, both within and beyond the classroom walls.

    4. Provide all students equitable opportunities for personal development by
    maintaining progressive resources.

    5. Support the success of our children, who are our future.

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