High School North

Home of the Lions

  • Welcome to Middletown H.S. North. Purses, Backpacks, & other bags are not permitted at District events. Clutches & cameras ok



    Mon. 1/24 - Full Day 7:25 AM - 2:02 PM (A Day) 

    Tues. 1/25 - Full Day 7:25 AM - 2:02 PM (B Day) 

    Wed. 1/26 - Full Day 7:25 AM - 2:02 PM (A Day)

    Thurs. 1/27 - Full Day 7:25 AM - 2:02 PM (B Day)

    Fri. 1/28 - Full Day 7:25 AM - 2:02 PM (A Day)



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Mission and Beliefs

  • The Middletown High School North Community is committed to developing each individual’s maximum potential for acquiring, using, and enjoying knowledge so that each may become a productive and caring member of our society. In order to provide quality programs and excellent facilities that support each student’s academic and social growth, our school is committed to a strong participatory partnership with our staff, our community, our students and their families.

    We believe that….

    1. All students can learn and be productive members of the school community.
    2. All members of the school community deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
    3. The promotion of positive interpersonal skills and acceptance of diverse groups of people are necessary for the personal and educational growth of each individual.
    4. Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making are life skills that can be developed and enhanced across the curricula and through extra-curricular activities.
    5. Students should be provided a safe and nurturing environment with the necessary resources to foster physical and mental well-being.
    6. The school atmosphere must promote individuality, creativity, and originality; honesty and integrity are expected.
    7. Academic, social, and technological skills across the curricula prepare students for college and career ­readiness.

    Middletown High School North
    Principal: Dr. Patricia Cartier
    Address: 63 Tindall Road, Middletown, NJ 07748
    PHONE 732-706-6061  Main Office Ext: 1200   
    FAX 732-706-9639


    HS North  Anti-bullying Specialist 
    Jacqueline Duca, S.A.C.
    732- 706-6061 x 1301
    Office Location / Mailing Address:
              MHS North - Room 2121
              63 Tindall Road
              Middletown, NJ  07748
    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
    Matthew Kirkpatrick
    732-671-3850 Ext. 1021
    email: KirkpatrickM@middletownk12.org
    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 4170
    Middletown, NJ 07748
    High School North's ABBR grade is 71.
    New Jersey schools are expected to earn an Anti-bullying Bill of Rights grade of 50 or higher out of a possible 78 points.