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Character Trait of the Month

  •  Self Control

    Self control means doing what you are supposed to be doing even when you do not want to.
    Students show self control when we...
    • wait for others to finish before speaking
    • listen and follow directions
    • walk (instead of run) in the hallways
    • sit when and where we should
    • wait for the teacher to finish before asking questions

District Mission Statement


    The Middletown Township Public School District, in partnership with our resourceful and
    historically rich community, provides students with a rigorous and relevant education,
    rooted in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, motivating them to recognize
    and develop their full potential as responsible citizens, contributing to an ever-evolving
    global society. 



    We believe we must function as a united community to...

    1. Meet every student’s unique and individual needs, in a safe and nurturing
    educational environment.

    2. Prepare students for innovative opportunities in a rapidly evolving global society,
    in which technology is integral.

    3. Inspire, engage, and challenge students and staff to make the commitment to
    become lifelong learners, both within and beyond the classroom walls.

    4. Provide all students equitable opportunities for personal development by
    maintaining progressive resources.

Anti-Bullying Information

School Contact Information

  • Principal: Michael Melando

    230 Cooper Road

    Red Bank, NJ 07701

    732-747-3308 Main Office Ext: 3500