• Concussions
    A concussion is a brain injury that can be caused by a blow to the head or body that disrupts normal functioning of the brain. Concussions are a type of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which can range from mild to severe and can disrupt the way the brain normally functions. Concussions can cause significant and sustained neuropsychological impairment affecting problem solving, planning, memory, attention, concentration, and behavior.

    Recovery from concussion and progression through the Return to Play Protocol is individualized and determined on a case by case basis. Many factors influence the rate of progression and include age, previous concussion history, duration and types of symptoms. Student athletes suspected of having a concussion will start in step 1 and remain in step 1 until symptom free.

    All students participating in interscholastic athletics must complete the IMPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment & Cognitive Testing) baseline test. 

    All incoming freshmen must complete the test and any student that did not participate in athletics at High School North must complete test.

    2014 & 2015 graduates that first baseline tested in 2011-2012 will be retesting for the 2014-2015 school year

    You must receive an instruction sheet from your coach to complete the test, instructions are not available online!
    The impact test instructions are for baseline tests only. Students with suspected head injuries should not  take the baseline test again until the two year mark. Head injuries will be evaluated and the post injury impact test will completed when all symptoms have subsided.
  • Concussion Policy

    NJ State law and Middletown Twp BOE Policy on concussions mandate any student athlete that participates in any sports program interscholastic or intramural and is suspected of sustaining a concussion will be immediately removed from competition or practice. The student athlete will not return until he/she is asymptomatic at rest,has returned to his/her impact baseline and completed the district's return to play protocol.
  • Return to Play Protocol

    Step 1: No activity, complete physical and cognitive rest. Completion of a full day of normal cognitive activities without reemergence of any signs or symptoms. Impact test is at or above baseline results.
    Step 2: Light aerobic exercise, walking, swimming.
    Step 3: Sport Specific exercise including running/skating.
    Step 4: Non contact sport specific training drills, may start resistance training.
    Step 5: Participation in normal practice activities, including contact.
    Step 6: Return to play involving normal exertion or game activity.

    All steps must are separated by 24 hrs 
    If no return of symptoms the student athlete will advance to the next step
    A full practice must occur before return to game activities 
    You may need clearance from your physician to start return to play protocol.