• Cap and Gown Distribution Information - M.H.S. North

    Cap and Gown Distribution - Middletown High School North

    Good Afternoon Class of 2020,
    We will be distributing caps and gowns in front of High School North, on Friday, May 29th and Monday,
    June 1st. Please see the schedule below for details on specific pickup days based on your LAST NAME. At this time, it is imperative that we adhere to guidelines set forth by Governor Murphy.

    You or a parent/guardian (Caps and Gowns will only be released to students or parent/guardian) should arrive at High School North on your assigned day, enter via the Tindall Road bus entrance, remain in your car, open your windows and await further direction.

    You will be asked to proceed to the tables that will be set up on the Door 30/Media Center walkway
    where you will pick up your cap and gown. Please note that you MUST be wearing a face covering and that all social distancing guidelines must be followed.

    Date: Friday, May 29th - Last Name: A-K

    Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    • 9:00AM -10:00AM: A & B
    • 10:00AM - 11:00AM: C & D
    • 11:00AM - 12:00AM: E, F, G (E-G)
    • 12:00AM - 1:00PM: H, I, J, K (H-K)

    Date: Monday, June 1st - Last Name: L-Z

    Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    • 9:00AM -10:00AM: L & M
    • 10:00AM - 11:00AM: N, O, P, Q (N-Q)
    • 11:00AM - 12:00AM: R, S
    • 12:00AM - 1:00PM: T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z (T-Z)

    To Purchase a Cap & Gown:
    Please Contact: Dennis Mamchur (MHSN - Josten’s Sales Representative for Graduation products)
    Phone: 973-403-8755
    Email: dennis.mamchur@jostens.com

    Procedure for Students/Parents

    1. Cars enter via the Tindall Road entrance nearest door 26 in front of the Television Production Studio.
      • All other entrances will be coned off.
    2. Car pulls up to a stop sign in the roadway near Door 27 and opens all accessible vehicle windows.
    3. Security guard obtains the name of student and radios to administration stationed at the staging area in vestibule of Door 30 (Media Center Door).
    4. Staff places garments on a double table set up on the walkway. After placing the package on the table, the
      staff member returns to the vestibule. 
    5. Vehicle is held at secondary stop point by security guard near Door 29 and held until staff re-enters vestibule
    6. Car pulls up to Door 30 and the student/parent exits the vehicle and retrieves cap and gown from table.
      • Person exiting the vehicle must be wearing a face covering.
    7. Car exits via the bus exit to Tindall Road.

    graduation diploma, and cap with swinging tassel The cap and gown order links to the Jostens website have been removed because both the original order deadline and the extended deadline have passed.  The Jostens website now has this announcement posted:
    "Caps & Gowns are currently not available online. Contact your rep directly."
     This doesn't mean that you can't get a cap and gown;  it just means that you need to order over the phone instead of online. 
    • Contact information for the representative for High School North graduation products, jewelry, announcements, and regalia is is below.

     SENIORS!  Click here to open a letter from Dr. Cartier about graduation and end of year activities.

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