• This image shows the layout of an active learning classroom with white boards on the walls, adjustable seating and more. Active Learning Classrooms

    Active learning is an approach to education that seeks to expand the learning experience beyond the traditional concept of a teacher delivering direct instruction to students.
    When students are engaged in active learning, they are working through activities such as reading, writing, discussion, choice boards and problem-solving, promoting analysis, synthesis and evaluation of class content.

    In Our Schools

    The Middletown Township Public School District has adapted the university "Active Learning Classroom" model from Rutgers University, and designed and implemented five new mathematics "Active Learning Classrooms" in our middle schools and high schools.
    The two high school rooms have wall-to-wall whiteboards, flexible seating, personal easels and more. The three middle school rooms have flexible seats with whiteboard tops, a table with flexibility for small group instruction, wall-to-wall whiteboards, and other active learning amenities. In all of these classrooms, students have the ease and flexibility to make their thinking visible, receive feedback from a variety of peers and the instructor, and deeply engage in content at their own pace.
    This image shows three students writing on a white board to answer the question, "What does it mean to be an active learner?"

    The Benefits of Active Learning

    Research has shown that active learning, when compared to individualistic learning, improves academic achievement, the quality of interpersonal interactions between peers, a student's self-esteem and perceptions of greater social support.
    Active learning can take many forms, including:
    • Cooperative and collaborative learning
    • Problem-based learning
    • Peer teaching
    • Jigsaw
    • Group discussion
    • Self-assessment
    • Think-pair-share
    • Brainstorming
    • Writing
    • Stations
    • Gallery walks and much more
    Please take a video tour of one of our active learning classrooms below with District Director of Mathematics K-12, Dr. John Kerrigan, and Bayshore Middle School teacher Mr. Zachary Baltz.