• YouTube Branded Accounts Information


    When a YouTube channel is created, it is associated with your GOOGLE account. If you wanted to allow another person to manage content or contribute video directly to your channel, you would have to give them your Google account credentials.  Doing this would allow the other user full access to your Google account, like Gmail and Drive for example.  The "Branded Account" feature was added so a YouTube channel owner can delegate content management permissions to other users WITHOUT providing their Google Account credentials.
    Several months ago, Google decided to discontinue and disabled branded YouTube accounts for GSuite for Education users.  Fortunately, the content is not lost... yet.
    If you had a branded account that has been deactivated, we can request an extension of access to that account.  Please email siwiakd@middletownk12.org to request the extension. 
    Once the account is enabled again, there are two options to preserve your data:
    1. You can transfer the primary ownership of the Brand Account to another user before July 15, 2020. The new primary owner must either be (a) a G Suite account holder that is not in a G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school domain or (b) a consumer account holder (i.e. account@gmail.com).
    2. You can download your data while logged into the Brand Account prior to July 15, 2020 to export the Brand Account’s content.
    Please note that even Brand Accounts that have been granted an extension, are still subject to deletion on July 15, 2020!