• General Troubleshooting Tips For Chromebooks


    Below our IT Department members have provided general troubleshooting tips for your District-issued Chromebook.

    Steps to Take for Any Problem:

    1. Turn the device completely off by holding the power button (top right of keyboard on Lenovo devices, along right-side edge for Dell devices). Turn the device back on.
    2. Log in with your teacher account (first_last). This will revert the device to default settings, eliminating issues such as a changed device language or changed keyboard language. Log out before giving the device back to a student.


    Hardware Problems

    • If a Chromebook is physically damaged in any way, please notify your building IT Department member to document the issue and determine if a warranty repair is necessary. 
    • Issues like scratched screens, missing keyboard keys, and missing webcams are not normal wear and tear. Please follow the District's Acceptable Usage Policy for Chromebooks and technology.


    Operating System Issues

    • Chrome OS is updated frequently. If you notice a small arrow near your account information in the lower-right corner of the device, it requires a restart and an update. 
    • If you notice any other operating system issues, please contact your building IT Department member. The device will likely need to be reimaged and reenrolled on the network. 


    WiFi Connection Problems

    • Make sure the WiFi is turned on.
    • Be sure that you are connecting to the apparopriate network. 
    • Try shutting down the device, rebooting it, and trying to connect.
    • If problems persist and/or are more widespread, please your building IT Department member.. 


    Account Problems

    • If a student is new to the District, please your building IT Department member, who will update the list of student usernames and passwords, test the account, and send login information to all of the student's teachers. 
    • If a student is new to your school and transfered from another District school, please your building IT Department member.


    If any other issues arise please contact your building IT Department member.