• graduation diploma, and cap with swinging tassel

    Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates!
    A special High School North Senior Class of 2020 Video Montage has been created for everyone to enjoy.

    Our Virtual High School Graduation for the Class of 2020 will remain available on the district’s
    YouTube channel.

    The ceremony includes the traditional elements, including speeches from our students, principal, superintendent and Board president as well as the reading of the graduates’ names with their photos. There will also be a special component which personalizes the experience for each student. We are encouraging our graduates, their family members and friends, staff, and our entire community to “attend” the graduation ceremony on YouTube, and step out onto their porches, decks or lawns after the event and celebrate our graduates with a loud clap out.

     In-Person Awarding of Diplomas with Celebratory Photo



    High School North Class of 2020

    In-Person Graduation Ceremony Google Photo Albums

    Class of 2020
    Open any of the links below to open and view that photo album. 
    (You will also be able to download and save individual photos.)
    Note:  Each student who was present will appear in several photos, so be sure to view the entire photo album for your graduation ceremony.
    • Grad #1: High School North In-Person Graduation Ceremony (7.9.20 - 8:30a.m.)  bit.ly/mhsngrad1
    • Grad #2: High School North In-Person Graduation Ceremony (7.8.20 - 11a.m.)  bit.ly/mhsngrad2
    • Grad #3: High School North In-Person Graduation Ceremony (7.9.20 - 8:30a.m.) bit.ly/mhsngrad3



     2020 National Honor Society Induction Presentation

    Google Takeout

    MTPSPride graduating seniors don’t risk losing all of your hard work when you move on.  Use #Google Takeout to transfer all of your digital content to your own personal account. 

    Google Takeout (1).png


    Prom Surveys

    • We had 267 students take the survey. We had 160 Juniors, 107 Seniors. We had
    73.7% who want a fall event (193 Students) and 24.9% want it to be cancelled (65

    • We have not made any plans regarding fall activities which will be dependent upon the
    NJDOE, CDC and Governor Murphy’s guidelines regarding large group gatherings

     Senior Graduation Surveys

    This is IMPORTANT! It will determine where your final transcript
    is going to be sent. If you complete this survey, and then change your mind at any point
    over the summer, you must email Mrs. Famiglietti at famigliettim@middletownk12.org
    so that she may send your transcript to the correct location.

    o Directions for Graduation Survey: Go to Naviance. After you log in, go to About
    Me, then to My Surveys, then to Surveys Not Started, then click on Graduation

    *Please remember to fill out the "College I'm Attending" field in the graduation survey, which is what generates the necessary report. Without that information, final transcripts can't be delivered!

    o Directions for those of you who cannot remember your password for Naviance:
    Please press “lost password” and await an email. Check all of your email
    accounts. If you need it reset, please email your counselor.

    • Graduation program information (Eagle Scouts, EMTs, Police and Fire Explorers,

    o Please email to cartierp@middetownk12.org by June 4th!

     Whitson’s Food Service Account Credits

    • If money remains on the graduating senior’s lunch account, you can either transfer that
    money to a sibling that is still in the district or request a refund. Transfer requests can
    be emailed to: ritzj@middletownk12.org - student names needed in email.

    Refund requests require: student name, parent name, address, telephone number - email
    to ritzj@middletownk12.org

    Please note, refunds must be processed by the Board of Education and can take 4-6 weeks for a check to be issued.

     Working Papers

    • This is the link for working papers: Working Papers

    • Please complete sections A, B (parent’s signature).

    - Bring to your employer to sign.

    - Call your doctor to find out the best way to have them signed.

    - Then scan the working papers to workingpapers@middletownk12.org.

    - Make sure all writing is legible.

    - When they are completed, they will be sent back to you.


    • All yearbooks have been sent to the student’s home. There are still yearbooks available to purchase online. Contact Susan Heeter at heeters@middlertownk12.org with any questions.