• MHSN Choirs

    Student Expectations:

    1.       Students will participate in rehearsals and performances to their greatest abilities.

    2.       Students will be respectful of one another and the director.

    3.       Every student will arrive prepared and on time to rehearsals, classes, and concerts.

    4.       Students will communicate respectfully and share in the complete music making process.

    5.       When assigned, students will complete work in a timely fashion.

    6.       When necessary, students will communicate about and seek extra help.

     All students will complete required (graded) assignments (concerts, tests/exams/quarterlies).
     Students will attend and full participate in required/graded rehearsals and performances. 


    Intro to Music and AP Music Theory

    Student Expectations:

    1.       Students will be on time and prepared for class.

    2.       Study, homework, and preparation will be completed prior to every class.

    3.       Assignments will be completed accurately and turned in prior to, or on the due date.

    4.       Students will participate in the process and work of each class.

    5.       When necessary, students will voice questions, difficulties, and concerns in a respectful manner.

    6.       Students will seek enrichment/tutoring/private study when interested or needed.

    7.       Students will take full responsibility for actions, effort, and work related to the course.