• Teacher: Miss Dooley                                                Course:  Junior Health

    Email:  dooleyk@middletownk12.org          
    Twitter: MissDooley / MNSwimming

    Course Description:
      This course is designed to instruct students on various areas of health.  We will focus on lessons taken from the Glencoe Health Book, various internet and other outside resources made available via magazine and newspaper articles.  The areas of focus include Optimal Health including Mental/Emotional Health, Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Disease and Prevention, Substance Abuse, First Aid and Safety.   Lessons will be taught using styles such as READING and COMPREHENDING, Power Points, lecture, group activity work, individual vocabulary/chapter questions and explanation of theories and facts, small group and whole class discussion, as well as webcasts, internet resources and videos. The textbook stays in the classroom. 


    Methods of Evaluation:


      Marking Period 1       

    Ø  Quizzes                                    30%                            

    Ø  Classwork/Homework                 30%

    Ø  Project                                      20%

    Ø  Quarterly Exam                         20%     


    *** Preparation for Class:  You need to bring your health notebook to each health class as well as a pen or pencil for activities and note taking.  A folder specifically for this class will be useful in keeping together the handouts I will provide as well as holding onto returned assignments.


    Health is a separate grade from Physical Education…….You must pass Health 11 to GRADUATE!


    • Follow classroom rules.
    • Be polite and respectful to your teacher and classmates.
    • Participate in class discussions by protocol.
    • Put in your best effort
    • Have your assignments done on time
    • Ask for extra help if you need it and contact Miss Dooley for any grade concerns.


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