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    Classroom Rules

    Class rules are exactly as follows in the student handbook.  

    Success comes easily to those who follow the rules. Follow these rules, and you will have a successful year.

    Show Respect

    • Show respect for yourself
    • Show respect for your classmates
    • Show respect for your teachers
    • Show respect for your class and your school
      • Be on time for class
      • Have your materials in class every day
      • Participate in class activities and discussions
      • Turn homework and class work when they are assigned
      • Cell phones may not be on or out during class
    I expect you to maintain a professional, mature, and mannerly attitude in our classroom.  Students should respect their classmates’ desires to learn in a safe and professional atmosphere; therefore, do not arrive to class late, finish assignments on time, always be an advocate for your education, and never distract your classmates from their goals.