• Mrs. Cuscina                                       GRADING POLICY                                    All Classes


    Dear Student:


                    As the academic year begins, I wish to inform all students of my grading policies.  Your marking period grades will be determined by the following:


    I              QUIZ Average (20%)

    II             UNIT TEST Average (20%)

    III           HOMEWORK (20%)

    IV           Class PARTICIPATION and PREPARATION (20%)

    V             PROJECTS and PRESENTATIONS (20%)


                    Below is a more detailed explanation of the items above.




    Since language learning is cumulative, students in my classes are quizzed regularly to reinforce what has been presented in the week’s lesson.  QUIZ material includes vocabulary and grammar topics.  Quizzes may be made up in class the day following an absence.




    A Unit Test comprehensively evaluates a student’s mastery of the material previously quizzed in the unit.  During the course of the marking period, the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are evaluated.  The MIDTERM and FINAL EXAMS will also test you on these skills.


    Tests are announced in advance, both orally and written on the chalkboard.


    If a student is absent for a test, it is his/her responsibility to makeup a full-period unit test after school  or during the tutorial period as soon as possible.  If the test is not made up by the end of the marking period, the grade of zero will be entered in the gradebook and will be averaged into the final marking period grade.




    Again, since language learning is cumulative, it is very important that students keep up with their daily assignments and that homework be done consistently.  In accordance with the school district’s homework policy, homework in my classes is given after each lesson.   Assignments may include vocabulary or grammar exercises, reading comprehension or writing assignments, or studying for a Unit Test.  If long-term projects are assigned, such as a report or presentation, deadlines for submission are given.  Most homework, however, is due by the next class.  No credit is given for homework that is completed late. 


    Homework is either checked in class or collected.


    Daily assignments are written on the chalkboard and also announced in class. 


    Students are responsible for making up work missed due to absence.  Please e-mail me for missed assignments at:  CuscinaA@middletownk12.org.


    EXTRA HELP is available most days after school in room 1415 and during the tutorial period.  Students are encouraged to seek help when having difficulty with a particular topic before a quiz or test.


    Italian Honor Society TUTORS are also available upon request and can meet with students before or after school in the library.





    1. Participation – Students are evaluated on their ability to respond to questions, engage in conversation, perform oral readings and complete oral grammar/vocabulary exercises.  Attendance and punctuality are important factors for your class participation grade.  Participation also depends on preparation.


    1. Preparation – Students are expected to bring the following materials to class daily: 


      1. Textbook                                              c.  Notebook
      2. Workbook                                             d.  Pen or pencil


    A 3-section spiral notebook with perforated paper or loose-leaf binder is recommended.  The three sections should be divided as follows:


                    SECTION 1 – VOCABULARY

                    SECTION 2 – GRAMMAR Notes

                    SECTION 3 – HOMEWORK/CLASSWORK


    Students should also keep a folder for various handouts received in class.


    Students are reminded that they may NOT write in their textbooks or workbooks.




    Occasionally, a project, a cultural report or presentation will substitute for a test.  Assignments may be given to individual students, pairs or groups.  Students will be graded with an appropriate rubric.


    In addition, in order to successfully participate in class and contribute to a productive learning environment, students are expected to:


    1.       arrive on time and be seated upon entering the classroom.  Use this time to write down your homework assignment, complete the “do now” and review the previous day’s lesson.


    2.       remain in their assigned seats for the entire period.  Students are not permitted to change seats or wander around the room while the lesson is in progress unless it is part of an assigned activity.   Remain in your seats until you are dismissed by the bell.


    3.       raise their hand if they wish to speak.  Calling out is not permitted.  Talking which distracts other students or the instructor likewise will not be tolerated.


    4.       be excused from class only for emergencies and school appointments.  Bathroom passes may be requested after the first five minutes of the class but must not be abused daily. 


    5.       behave appropriately in the classroom and abide by all school regulations regarding cell phones, hats, i-pods, food, drinks, etc.  Students whose behavior disrupts the class will be disciplined appropriately according to school policy.


    6.       turn off cell phones and electronic devices unless permission is given to use them during class for educational purposes.


    7.       attend class regularly.  Classroom tardiness and cutting will be processed according to school policy. 


    Each of the above factors affects your Class Participation grade.    Your adherence to the above policies will contribute to your success in your language class.










    “I have read Mrs. Cuscina’s Grading Policy and understand her expectations and consequences to my behavior and performance in class.”



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