1. All athletes are subject to the NJSIAA and Shore Conference Rules and Regulations.
    2. Every athlete MUST have a physical before practicing, either one offered by the school or by a private doctor.
    3. All athletes should have private insurance.
    4. “No Credit” status means the athlete is ineligible.
    5.  A suspended athlete may not practice nor participate.A student suspended Friday may not play in any Saturday or Sunday contest.
    6. An athlete absent from school may not practice or play UNLESS he/she is previously excused by the school administration. Athletes who are sick should call the coach and school, NOT THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.
    7. All injuries must be reported to the coach, Athletic Trainer, and school nurse.
    8. An injured athlete, who is excused from participation by a doctor, may not re-enter the sport unless he/she presents a doctor’s release to the Athletic Trainer, nurse and coach.
    9. All athletes must be participating in Physical Education.
    10. Practice is vitally important in all athletics so participants are expected to be there.Chronic violators will be dropped from the team.
    11. Equipment issued to the athlete MUST be returned to the school.Lost articles must be paid for by the athlete.
    12. “Cutting the team” is a necessary function in some sports.This function is the discretion of the coach.
    13. Athletes in training must maintain a high level of fitness, so the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is prohibited.Any athlete who attends a practice/game under the influence will be dismissed from the team.If an athlete is caught smoking or under the influence at school, he/she will be disciplined by the school administration (see Rule #5).A second offense will result in dismissal from the team.
    14. Athletics is a privilege.Athletes are expected to obey school rules, exhibit good sportsmanship, and present a positive image of the school he/she represents.