When you are in the classroom.

    • Write down the teacher’s questions. (They may be on the test)

    When you are at home.

    • Remove all distractions (Radio, sister, brother or phone)

    When you read your textbook:

    • Read the introduction. (You will know what is important to come.)
    • Read the conclusion. (You will know what was important.)
    • Read the questions at the end of the chapter. (You will already have some of the answers from the introduction and conclusion.)
    • Skim each page by reading everything printed differently or by reading the first sentence of each paragraph.
      (You will find more answers to the questions at the end of the chapter.)
    • Read in small chunks and answer the question "What have I just read ?"

    Take and look at  notes, but really study from Index Cards. As you study the index cards say them aloud and you could  make an audio tape of them.

    • When you are finished and you think you know it all Write Everything just to prove you know it.
    • Take the few index cards you do not know and study them in a different place. (You may remember what you studied by where you studied it. )

    Now you know it all. Relax. Look at the hard index cards and review them before you go to sleep.

    If you have a timer, you can play the tape while you sleep.

    When you awaken, to refresh your memory play the tape while you are getting dressed.

    When you get into the classroom, you can associate a place in the room for the items you still can’t remember.

    As soon as you receive a test, write on the test paper itself what you are still having trouble remembering.

    If it is an essay test, write the essay the night before and the answer will flow from the pen during the test.

    If it is a computer marked test, you must ask if you should guess because on some tests you can get a better mark if you leave blanks.