Dear Bayview Families,

    Bayview School cares about your child’s success.  We want to make every minute a teachable moment here at Bayview School.  Here at Bayview students feel safe in school so that they can learn at their best.  

    The staff at Bayview School take time to model and teach children how to translate school and classroom rules into action in different situations. School rules, specific classroom rules and behavior expectations are always revisited and reinforced.  Using respectful words and tones of voice, we remind children of these expectations.  When children behave positively, we let them know what we noticed.  These actions let children know what the expectations are and help them stay motivated to meet those expectations.

    We at Bayview School strongly believe children want to and can meet expectations. We value partnering with parents to help students do well in school and feel good about going to school.

    We are excited to work with you as we embark the rest of the school year!

    Happy Fall!

    Tara T. Raspanti





Last Modified on September 27, 2017