To succeed in learning a foreign language, you must practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing as often as possible.  Your class participation is an important and essential part of your grade.

    Here is how your DAILY class participation grade will be calculated: 



    P = Prompt/Prepared

    You arrive to class on time and come prepared with your charged chromebook, notebook, pen/pencil and any other necessary materials.

    I = Involved

    You participate, volunteer often, and contribute to class by offering ideas and asking questions.  You speak Spanish as much as possible.

    C = Conduct

    You avoid disruptive behavior during class, and you are respectful of other students, teacher, and classroom.  You have a positive attitude and show interest in the lesson.

    T = Technology

    Your phone is on silent and placed in your assigned pocket. You use your chromebook for classroom activities only.  When phones are used in class, you do not text or play games.

    O = On Task

    When given in-class speaking activities you speak Spanish as often as possible.  You do not speak to your partner/classmates in English and you follow the activity instructions as closely as possible.


    For each completed category you will receive 2 points, totaling a maximum of 10 participation points per day.  After two weeks your daily points will be totaled and you will receive a grade out of 50 for your class participation for those two weeks.