• Ms. Vega with camera Welcome to Photography Class!
  • This page is designed to present a quick overview of the types of projects and activities students encounter in this class.  Each of the actual assignments is described in full on the Google classroom page for this class at the time the work is assigned. 

      • To get to Google classroom, open your browser window and on the URL line type:  https.classroom.google.com 
      • Use your school Google account information to log-in. 
      • If you don't know the class code to open your page, send me an email (click here) and I will send you the information.
    • Homework  - Typical Photo class homework  includes things like taking photos that meet the requirements for the weekly photo assignments.  Occasionally there will be "flipped classroom" type assignments for which students read instructional material &/or watch assigned video clips and respond to a few short questions based on material content in preparation for an upcoming unit.
    • Class work / Research / Reading / Writing - There are several different kinds of class work. Below is a list of the most common assignments
      • Study Guides / Information Review - Study Guides for this class are prepared in the form of worksheets.  As you fill the answers to each part of the worksheet you will be reviewing the information for that part of the upcoming quiz or test.
      • Daily "Do Now" assignments:  These are designed to take no more than 5 minutes at the beginning of class time.  Most often these assignments provide an opportunity to work on the digital gallery PBL project.
      • Online research:  Students are given a problem to solve or a topic to investigate.  They create documents and presentations to sharing their findings.
      • Textbook activities:  The textbook for this class is a great resource for students that provides a wealth of information.  Several  activities are designed to make use of this resource.
      • Quizzes / Tests - The larger proportion of student progress assessment will be from project work; however, this class does have quizzes and tests, including a Quarterly exam at the end of each marking period.
    • Hands-On Projects 
      • After taking the assigned homework images students  upload images into a computer file then use those images to create presentations which are shared with the class in constructive critique sessions.  
      • Students engage in hands-on practice sessions to learn about lenses, portrait and product lighting, and  camera modes and manual digital camera settings.


    • Genius Hour  - 

      Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.  Another name for Genius Hour is "20% time." Students  will be given a set period of time per week to work on their passion project in class. They will also be expected to work on their passion project outside of the class block. (Students can do it here after school, at home, or in another location necessary for completing the project.)


    •  Enrichment Projects (Extra Credit)
      • Enrichment projects are designed to acknowledge the extra curricular activities and experiences students already enjoy and do outside of the classroom. The purpose of enrichment activities is to provide extended learning opportunities and challenges, develop skills beyond the basic curriculum, and encourage students to pursue learning in their own areas of interest and strengths.
      • For this class, enrichment projects are often offered in the form of extra credit activities.
  • PBLs - Long Term Assignment(s)
    PHOTO I STUDENTS - Imagine that you are the curator of a digital gallery of photographs.  Your challenge is to introduce "visitors" to the work of master photographers whose works inspire and communicate in powerful ways. 

    PHOTO II STUDENTS - For your 3rd marking period digital gallery, follow the instructions above but each week select a master photographer who is an expert in creating photos that distinctly show a masterful use of special effects techniques.

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