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    VersaTranse-Link Student Bus Pass 

    NOTE:There is a 15 minute window on all bus stop times.
    Busing information is now available but may not be final. Please check back immediately prior to September 3rd to make sure you have the most current busing information.

    Please use this form Transportation Request 2018-2019 for requests for a bus stop other than your home bus stop. If you are requesting a stop other than your home bus stop, it must be for a student that is already provided transportation and it must be the same bus route as originally assigned.  Completed forms should be emailed to viningb@middletownk12.org or faxed to 732-291-1105, no later than September 1st.  


    IMPORTANT:  If you have changed your primary phone number and cannot access e-link, please email your current primary phone number to davism@middletownk12.org so we can update your e-link access.

    Other Contact Information:

    Mary Davis, Transportation Deparment Secretary
         davism@middletownk12.org   732-671-3850, ext. 1007
    Tracy Nardiello, Assistant Transportation Coordinator
         nardiellot@middletownk12.org   732-671-3850, ext. 1008