• Middletown HS North celebrates its diversity  
    Do YOU have a story that explains a special day in the calendar of your faith or cultural heritage?  
    Please send the information via e-mail  at least one week ahead of time and we will make every effort to post that information on the calendar page.  (September through June only please!)    We consider this space an educational opportunity - a chance to promote tolerance and understanding by become informed about what others believe.  This space will not be used as a "soapbox" from which to "preach" merits of one particular faith over another; neither do we consider that forcing anyone to suppress the joyous, proud, and peaceful observance of his or her faith or culture to be consistent with our understanding of the constitutional definition of religious freedom.  We believe that understanding and empathy are the first steps toward tolerance and harmony.  Please note:  stories, links or comments of an intolerant, defaming or derogatory nature will not be posted.  

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