• January 28, 2013 

    The school district was alerted this morning that a high school bus did not show up at its designated stops as scheduled.  The Middletown School District does not own and operate its own buses, but contracts for these services with independent companies.  Therefore, we immediately contacted the bus company with this information.  The bus company sent a replacement bus and picked up twelve high school students 60 minutes after their normal pickup time.  As a precaution due to the weather conditions, the students were checked by the administration and health office after arrival at school, and all were fine.   Several students left their bus stop and returned to their homes prior to the replacement bus’ arrival.  The district contacted the bus company with this information and arranged for a second bus to pick those students up at their homes.  Students who were late or not in attendance today due to the bus' tardiness will be excused.  We will also be pursuing our rights under our contract with the bus company to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again.
    Patrick Rinella