The Middletown Village PFA, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving more than 400 children who attend Middletown Village Elementary School in Middletown, New Jersey. The mission of this organization is to enrich the lives of children beyond the required curriculum and to provide activities, supplies, exhibits, and technology to expand the children’s’ experiences.  Our vision is to provide multiple opportunities for hands-on and minds-on activities.  We want to encourage children to become engaged in the learning process as a lifelong endeavor.  We provide many opportunities to celebrate and honor the hard work of the children.


    An all-volunteer Executive Board administers the Middletown Village PFA.  All Committees consist of volunteer members of the PFA.  All of our members are people who care about the children of Middletown Village School; the parents and guardians, the teachers, the staff and the community.


    Our fund raising supports an ongoing enrichment program that includes authors, museum exhibits, science presentations, traveling theatrical assemblies, conflict resolution assemblies, animal visits and historical reenactments.  We also continue to hold community building events such as Halloween Bingo, Holiday Share, Movie Nights, and Fun Day.  We have been also sometimes able to offset costs for class trips and transportation to those locations.   


    We have most recently funded the purchase of laptop computers for classrooms, iPads and a charging cart for student use, whiteboards, and SMARTBoards. Other major contributions include a fan in the APR, a laminator, DVD players, broadcast equipment, playground equipment and digital cameras.


    Your generous donations are welcome and are vital to help sustain this organization and enable it to continue to provide quality enhancements.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


    Middletown Village PFA, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501 C-3 Organization.  The IRS recognizes contributions as being a tax deduction.  Please contact you tax preparer regarding allowable deductions.  


    Some companies will match contributions made to our organization.  A matching gift form can be found on our website in the PFA forms section if your company participates in such programs.