• Lice Information
    Although annoying, lice is not a disease carrying agent!  The key  to eradication of lice is to treat the hair/scalp with lice killing shampoo and REMOVE THE EGGS (NITS) that are attached to the hair shaft.  Follow this link to see the technique for removing them:   
    Approximately 30% of eggs will live through the shampooing process, so physical removal of the nits is the best way to eradicate the pesty contagious louse.  For more information on lice, check out the National Centers for Disease Control at http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/
    Wearing hair up or short helps stop the spread of lice! 
    Remind children to not share hats or hair accessories!
    Wearing hair up and short helps stop the spreading of Lice!