• Homework and Performance Philosophy

    Peter Isherwood

    Choirs and Music Theory


    Students are responsible for their work in and out of the classroom. Assignment due dates will be made clear and posted in class. The work assigned should be completed accurately and in a timely fashion. If extra help is needed to complete the assignment, the student must make the effort to seek help from a teacher or classmate prior to the due date of the assignment. Homework assignments will be checked for quality and/or completion and count towards the final marking period grade. It is recommended that students keep a binder, especially in Music Theory courses.  If a student has any issue with assigned work, tests, quizzes, or due dates, the student should speak to Mr. Isherwood at least 24 hours prior to the due date of the work. All work related to the class enables the teacher to assess knowledge and progress of each student.

    Choir members are required to attend several concerts as their performance assessment. These performances enable the student to demonstrate comprehension of the music, as well as the teacher to assess their progress and preparation. If a student is unable to make the assigned concert performance, it is the student’s responsibility to let the teacher know IN WRITING no less than two weeks prior to the performance. Performances are excused due to illness only when accompanied by a doctor’s note. Make-up work will be required for missed performances. Failure to attend a required concert may result in a reduced grade. Make-up work for a concert is handled on a student-to-student basis. We are in choir to make music and perform!



    2016-2017 CHOIR Calendar of Events


                                     12 to 23                                 Fall Fundraiser: MUM Sale

                                     17                                           All State Choir Rehearsal @ East Brunswick HS 8am


                                     1                                             All State Choir Rehearsal @ Edison HS 8am

                                     29                                           All State Choir Rehearsal @ Edison HS 8am


                                     9 – 11                                     All State Choir in Atlantic City

                                     14 - 28                                   Winter Fundraiser: Poinsettia Sale

                                     14                                           All Shore Audition Prep (2:15 – 3pm)

                                     15                                           All Shore Audition Prep (2:15 – 3pm)

                                     17                                           All Shore Chorus Auditions (Wall HS 4:30pm)

                                     20                                           All State Concert @ NJPAC in Newark 3pm


                                     6 / 7 / 12                                  After School Rehearsals (2:15 to 3:15pm)*

                                     2                                              Navesink CC Tree Lighting 7pm (6:30pm)

                                     4                                              Middletown Tree Lighting 5pm @ Arts Center (4:30pm)

                                     9                                              Concert Dress Rehearsal (Blocks 1+2)

                                    15                                             #Winter Choir Concert 7pm (6:15pm Choir Room)

                                    21+22                                       Spring Musical Vocal Prep (2:15pm Choir Room)


                                     3 - 6                                     MHSN Spring Musical Auditions

                                     Wednesdays                         All Shore Chorus Rehearsals (Place TBA)

                                     Saturdays                             All Shore Chorus Rehearsals (Place TBA)

                                                                                  Spring Musical Rehearsals (2:30pm)              


                                    4                                             All Shore Chorus Concert 7:30pm (Place TBA)

                                    5                                             All State Treble Choir 1-5pm (Place TBA)

                                    23 – 25                                   All State Treble Choir in East Brunswick

                                                                                   Spring Musical Rehearsals (Vocals and Pit Orchestra)


                                                                                    Spring Musical Rehearsals (Vocals and Pit Orchestra)

                                    31                                           “Little Shop of Horrors” 7pm


                                    1                                              “Little Shop of Horrors” 7pm

                                    ?                                              ?Spring Music Trip? (Choir and Band)

                                    22                                           All State Choir Auditions (South) 8am – 4pm

                                    27 + 28                                  “Godspell” 7pm

                                    29                                           All State Auditions (North) 8am – 4pm


                                     9 / 10 / 15 / 16                      After School Rehearsals (2:15 to 3:15pm)*

                                     23                                         Choir Concert Dress Rehearsal (Blocks 1+2)

                                     25                                         #Spring Choral Concert @ 7pm

                                                                                  High Note Music Festival



                                       14 + 15                                Graduation Rehearsal (2:15 to 2:45pm)

                                       21?                                     #Graduation (Time/Date TBA)

    # -Dates are MANDATORY dates that count towards Marking Period/Final grades.

    * -Students MUST attend the Winter / Spring Concerts, 2 Fall/Spring Rehearsals, and Graduation.

    -Performance clothing is:          Men: Black dress pants, Black button up shirt, Dress Shoes, Tie

                                                         Women:Black FORMAL top and bottom or dress (Knee length!)

                                                             (No Backless/Strapless dresses or heels!)

    Contact Info: Mr. Peter Isherwood: Isherwoodp@middletownk12.org