• To be done - board members and central office contacts.
    First Name Last Name Position MTBOE E-Mail Private E-Mail
    Christopher Aveta President avetac@middletownk12.org caveta@verizon.net
    Joan Minnuies Vice-President minnuiesj@middletownk12.org
    John Bennett Member BennettJ@middletownk12.org
    Vincent Brand Member BrandV@middletownk12.org
    Leonora Caminiti Member CaminitiL@middletownk12.org
    James Cody Member CodyJ@middletownk12.org
    Ernest Donnelly Member donnellye@middletownk12.org
    Gerald Wexelberg Member WexelbergG@middletownk12.org

    Amy P. Gallagher
    Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    Middletown Township Public Schools
    834 Leonardville Road, 2nd Floor
    Leonardo, NJ  07737
    Phone:  (732)671-3850 ext. 1015