• Block 1 -Students begin their day with 40 minutes of Reading and 40 minutes of Social Studies with either Mrs. Balsamo or Mrs. Picciotto.
    Students who are in the SLE Program leave South at 8:30 everyday.
    Block 2 -Students will then go to their elective.  Some students will go to art, computers, chorus, or physical education.
    Block 3 -During this advisory period students will work on their social skills with Guidance Counselors Kelly Crist and Danielle O'Reilly.  At this time some students will have the opportunity to heat or make their lunches.  and wash their hands before heading to the cafeteria. 
    Block 4 -Lunch in the cafeteria.  Nick Trezza holds Circle of Friends during this time where students eat and interact with other peers in the building.
    Block 5 -Students return for Life Skills or Vocational training at this time.  During this 80 minute period students are split into two groups where they work in one of the two settings.  
    Block 6 -During this 80 minute block students end their day with 40 minutes of math with Ms. Thompson and 40 minutes of Science with Mrs. Picciotto.