5/6          Our diversity/community based trip to Juanito's Restaurant in Red Bank was a complete success. The students were able to get their train tickets and individually hand their ticket to the conductor. Students enjoyed looking out the windows and seeing the different things that are in our area.  Once we arrived in Red Bank we walked down a block to see John Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen. Everyone enjoyed seeing the garden in front of the restaurant. After that we walked through town to see multiple sites and visit various stores.  Some of the things the students enjoyed seeing were the Count Basie Theatre, 911 Memorial, Toymasters, Juanito's, Police Station, an old working Fire House, and a Movie Theater.                                                               
    After walking through town we headed back to Juanito's for lunch.   The students enjoyed many different things: quesadillas, burritos, soup, chips and salsa, fried ice cream, and much more. Overall if was a great trip.                                                  
    5/29 Our next trip will be to the Blue Claws Stadium on May 29, 2013.
    4/22 Our Thompson Park excursion was a success although the weather could have been better.  Students enjoyed a nature walk where some students actually completed the entire five mile trail.
    Students had the opportunity to sample many different salads and dishes that were provided by staff members.  Grilling burgers and franks was a lot of fun but students especially enjoyed staying warm and talking by the heat of the barbeque! Enjoy the photos!