• Final Portfolio Project
    Minimum of 16 photos (maximum of 25 photos)


    A.  Your portfolio must include the all of the types of photos listed below. 
    B.  You may use photos that you have already created as part of previous class assignments
            or you may choose to create all new photographs.
    C.   Submit your photographs neatly presented as a ‘portfolio’
           (in a formal portfolio or in plastic protector pages bound neatly in a loose-leaf binder.)
    D.   ALSO submit a portfolio of the same photographs you used in your printed portfolio
             but this time presented in a Google Presentation or  MS PowerPoint slide show version.
    The following types of photos must be included:
    1. & 2.  Two images that demonstrate specific composition guidelines (You may include more than two of these images, but you must have at least two).
      • One must clearly show strong leading lines
        (S-curve, vanishing pt.,etc.)  
      • One must clearly show a different composition guideline
        (foreground frame, point of view, etc.) 
    3.  Human Interest
      • (Pictures that bring a smile, Unexpected / Decisive Moment)
    4.  Freeze Action (must be sharp, with a wide tonal range)
    5.  Panning
    6.  Head to Shoulders Portrait with professional lighting
    7.  Portrait that expresses the person's personality
    8.  Outdoor Scenic
    9.  Nature Close-up
    10.  Night / Low Light Scene
    11.  Window light
    12.  Product / Advertising
    13.  Photo Journalism (document an event)
    14.  Ten zone black & white images (minimum of two photos)
    15.  Special Effects* 
      • (DO NOT include a lot of special effects photos;
        including one or two great, well done special effects photos
        will be more effective than including a lot of them.)
    16.  Other / free choice

    Final Project Evaluation criteria:

    • All of the required photo categories were submitted.
    • Each print has strong impact 
      • You capture a moment or a subject perfectly. The pictures speak for themselves. Picture(s) create interest for the viewer. (personal, emotional, powerful, etc.)
    • Prints show sharp details
    • Prints show good tonal range
    • Colors are accurate (no color shift)
    • Project presented in assigned required/desired format.
    • Overall project meets or exceeds requirements