• Welcome to Fairview School where student safety and health and wellness are our primary goals.


    Please review the Nurses Health Guidelines file on the forms and resources page regarding times when your child is not feeling well and should be kept home from school.


    For new incoming students, immunizations and physicals are required prior to entering school.


    If your child requires medications (inhalers, epi-pens, daily medication etc), please have the medications and the physician's paperwork upon return to school.  Please deliver  to me and do  not send them in with your child.  See med policy, AAP, FAAP, med form


    Healthy lunches and snacks are recommended for  school - please avoid high sugar/high fat foods. Healthy foods contribute to better learners. 


    For your child's safety closed toe shoes are recommended , preferably sneakers, since being physically active both on the playground  and in Phys. Ed is part of their daily and weekly  routine.
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