• Puritan Problems

    Posted by John Russoniello on 9/17/2013
    Today marks our foray into Puritan Lit!  From now until what will seem like forever we'll be reading about those first few brave souls who ventured from oppression and intolerance in  England to scratch a new life for themselves along the shores of the New World.  Oh how holy they seemed (they weren't, believe me - those rules of oppression they fled from?  Yeah they basically did the same thing to everyone else when they got here)!
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  • Day 1

    Posted by John Russoniello on 9/10/2013
    Day 1
    Here we are, all done with the first day(s) of school!  Over the past few hours of getting to know you all, I think this year is going to be fun for both of us.  Granted, there will be the inevitable hiccups and bumps but you seem like a good bunch of kids who are ready to work and learn.  
    And that's what we're going to do.   
    Just a note - it looks like we'll be having our first newspaper meeting on Tuesday the 17th most likely in my room, 1400. If the Chromebooks are working we'll meet there regularly but if they're not up yet we can always go back to the upstairs computer lab like the past few years.  But that is a decision I'll leave up to the staff.  Also the meeting/publishing day is flexible and we can move it accordingly.  The newspaper should be fun this year as we have lots of new faces and some interested and driven writing staff.  Now all we need are some photographers...
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