• Pearl?

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    This is what I always thought Pearl from The Scarlet Letter looked like. 

      This little angel is from Frank Herbert's amazing sci-fi novel Dune, as adapted by David Lynch into a good-but-not-great-film.  Sting is in it; he wears a metal bikini.  On second thought, don't watch the movie at all.  Just read the book.  
       It is about  the far, far future where the only way to travel through space is by using the Spice which grows on only one planet in the entire universe.  And as the book says, "He who controls the Spice, controls the universe."  Also it is still relevant, according to The New Yorker; it was called the "top science-fiction novel of all time in a Wired reader's poll."
    What do you think?  Has anyone ever read it?  Ask your parents first of course.  Just know that it will hook you and you'll have to read them all. 
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  • Back to School Night!

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    Tonight is Back to School Night and I get to meet all of your parents.  Is there anything you want me to say to them?  Anything I shouldn't say (namely about how you're failing)?  Let me know!
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  • World Population

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    Here is that world population map I tried (and failed) to draw in 2A:
     (Via Imgur)
    Here's the brief Washington Post fact check article about it too.
    That's crazy!  What about the rest of the world?  Imagine the population density in that circle?  How do so many people fit in that space?  What's it like to grow up there?  
    What do you think?  Let us know! 
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