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    IMPORTANT - DO NOT "BOOKMARK" THESE LINKS Each time you want to upload, please come to this site and click on the link for your class. Thank you!  Please note:  For note that for security reasons, you will not be able to view the photos once uploaded.  However, if you are prompted for a password, you have successfully uploaded your pictures.  Thank you.
    +Click Here for Class Photographer Assignments & Contact Info

    * Please only upload photos which you believe are yearbook quality--clear and in focus.

    * Each photo must have at least two children, preferably three or more students.

    * Each photo must take place on school property or at a school sanctioned event off school property, such as a field trip.

    * Each photo should have proper lighting--use a flash when lighting is uneven or dark. Do not upload dark or blurry images.

    * Always upload photos to the class folder using the link found at the Nut Swamp website. (Do not bookmark the link as it changes.)

    * We recommend using an actual camera rather than a phone camera. However, phone photos are acceptable. Be sure all phone images are saved as “actual size.”

    Feel free to contact your Class Photographer or the Yearbook/Memory Keepers Chairs if you have any questions or technical difficulties. +Click Here for your Class Photographer Contacts
Last Modified on October 5, 2017