• This Halloween the Staff at Nut Swamp Elementary School has joined forces to represent the 50 States across America in their annual Halloween Parade.   The staff decided to take a new spin on the classic beauty pageant and will each be representing the state of their choice.   The Staff put their creative minds together, along with the artistic talent of Art Teacher, Mary Henderson, who created representations of each state. Along with being dressed as a state signs will aid in the recognition of what each costume represents.    

    We are hoping the students will use their knowledge of America’s unique states and geography to recognize, identify and discuss each individual state as we parade around the school. 

    In addition, all of our pageant participants will be wearing pink ribbon state sashes in recognition of Breast Cancer awareness.   A staff donation to the American Cancer Society will also be made in honor and memory of family and friends. 

    We hope that our excitement and enthusiasm about this project instills the same response in the students as we celebrate Halloween, honor America and imbue a knowledge and respect for the national efforts to educate about Breast Cancer.   

    Nut Swamp School is filled with many seasoned and new teachers, paraprofessionals, and dedicated substitute teachers as well as an awesome front office staff. As always we continue to be team players and are looking forward to a safe and fun filled holiday.