March Math-Ness Teacher/Parent Page 

     This page is designed for teachers and parents to use during the March Math-Ness event. Below are the rules for the event and general overview video on how the website is designed.

    Here’s how the competition works:
    1. Round 1 begins Friday, March 25, 2022 
    2. Students will have the opportunity to choose one or several mathematical tasks to complete at home, in addition to their regularly assigned homework/classwork extensions.
    3. The work involved in this competition is differentiated and based on a student's grade level as designated on the website
    4. Just like basketball, these tasks have been assigned separate point values which are described below:
      1. 1 point Basketballs: We’re shooting for precision in Fact Fluency here. Basic Math Facts appear directly on a Basketball Template. Please Note: One-point basketballs can be completed multiple times, but not on the same night.
      2. 2 point Basketballs involve a Math Website Visit. Students have the option to visit a favorite MATH site. (A list of suggested websites, will be provided.) Students play for 10 -20 minutes, depending on their age/grade level. However, that’s not all. Students must complete a special 2-point basketball template by writing and describing their experience to earn the 2 points. (Students simply tell something they learned or something interesting that occurred while playing.)
      3. 3 point Basketballs: We’re shooting for Perseverance in Problem Solving & Writing about our mathematical thinking here. Students have the option to choose from an assortment of problem-solving tasks that require them to read carefully, think, and create a plan before finding a solution. Again, a separate 3-point Basketball Template is linked on the website. Students are to show their work on the back of the basketball and explain their solution/mathematical thinking in words on the front. (3-point problems do not need to be printed.  ONLY the completed, 3-point Basketball Template is required.)
    5. Once a student has completed a paper basketball template, parents are to review their child’s work.
    6. Next, students may choose to color (optional) and cut out and return their MATH basketballs to school.
    7. ***Each day, students/parents must enter the total points earned online by 8:00 AM (strictly enforced).  In other words, points earned from work completed over the weekend, must be submitted by 8:00 AM Monday, March 28. Points earned from work completed after school on Monday must be submitted by 8:00 AM Tuesday, March 29. (There are a total of 5 rounds)  
    8. A new link to each day’s round and/or "Point Submission Form" will be located on the left sidebar of the Harmony March Math-Ness webpage. ***
    9. Each day, points will be calculated to find a total score for each class.
    10. Harmony’s March Math-Ness 2022 Winners will be announced on Friday, April 1, 2022.

    We truly hope you are excited and choose to participate in Harmony’s March Math-Ness Competition!

     Video Tutorial of Website