•  Parking Permit Application Instructions Overview

    picture of parking lot As we approach the start of the new school year, there are many things to look forward to on the North campus including the ability to park on school property. Students who wish to apply for a parking permit must fill out the required Automobile Parking Application/Registration form, submit all required documentation, and bring a signed RDAT consent form and parking permit fee.  A general outline of the process is described below, but full information is contained in the "Student Parking Information Letter and online Parking Application Form."  Open and read this letter and access the form by clicking on the link in the navigation menu on the left side of this page or click this link:  Parking Information Letter and Form.

    1. Click the link on the left to open and read the Student Parking Information Letter and online Parking Application Form.  The letter lists all of the application details and parking rules.

    2. Complete the online Automobile Parking Application/Registration form that is at the end of the letter.  Students must be logged into Google Chrome with their school login information to access this form.

    3. Create an email addressed to hsnparking@gmail.com.
      • The email must have your first and last name as the subject heading.
      • Attach photos of each of the things listed below.  (ALL of the photo attachments listed below must be sent in ONE email.)
        • Picture of your Driver’s License
        • Picture of the Insurance card
        • Picture of the Registration card
        • Picture of the License plate with Kyleigh sticker decal affixed appropriately (Kyleigh's Law (S2314) is a motor vehicle law in New Jersey which requires any driver under age 21 who holds a permit or probationary driver's license to display a pair of decals on the top left corner of the front and rear license plates of their vehicles. The decals are mandatory as of May 1, 2010.)
        • Picture of the front profile of your car.

    4. Click the link on the left to open the RDAT consent form. Print and sign the form.

    5. Bring the RDAT consent form (printed and signed) along with $10 (cash) parking permit fee to the Main Office on the day the parking permits are being distributed (late August). 

    6. The online Google form and the email with the required photos must be sent prior to the day the parking permits are being distributed.

    Student driver expectations and information:

    • Parking of student vehicles on school property is a privilege extended to students who have applied for and successfully obtained an official parking permit.  Understand that with this privilege comes responsibility.
    • Students with outstanding fines (books, athletics, cafeteria, etc.) must settle the fines before being eligible for a parking spot.
    • Excessively late students (18 or more latenesses in the current or previous school year) are not eligible to park on campus.
    • Other rules and conditions are listed and explained in the Student Parking Letter.