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  • Fairview has a School Garden!  The Fairview community has been working hard over Winter and early Spring to make our school garden a reality.  Goals for the garden include:


    • Opportunity to educate students about vegetable, herb and fruit gardens and provide hands on experience.
    • Improve the grounds around Fairview by using a previously overgrown and unused part of the property (behind the school).
    • Support delivery of curriculum in the garden – math, health, science, literacy. 


    The garden would not have been possible without the superb support we received from the Fairview community and from local businesses.  Please consider supporting these businesses to show our gratitude.  If you would like to donate items, please check our Sponsors and Donors page for more information.


    Our garden will have:


    • 6-7 raised beds growing seasonal herbs, vegetables & fruit
    • composter, using waste from the school kitchen
    • rain barrel to promote conservation
    • no pesticides – we will support organic methods
    • containers for experimental growing
    • happy students!
    We are all very excited about the garden and the possibilities are endless.  If you’d like to learn more or get involved please contact the garden committee.