• Adolescent Substance Abuse
    When to intervene?
    Answer: How long would you let your house stay on fire before you'd call the fire dept?
    Should I get help?
    Answer:  Unless this is your area of expertise then getting help is a no brainer. Would you want a plumber putting out the fire?
    What about confidentiality? What if someone finds out?
    Answer:When the house is burned to the ground, everyone will know and have an opinion on how you could have saved the house. Besides,professionals, who work in the field are bound by law to confidentiality. When it is broken, it is usually by the client in order to be manipulative. "See I told you everyone would find out".
    One in four families is affected by some type of substance abuse by family members, relatives or others close to them. The stigma or "morality issues" is what makes this problem so difficult to deal with. If someone  had a bad reaction to a legally obtained Doctor's prescription we would have no problem with others knowing about the problem. We are looking at "Making Good Decisions".
    Besides; "It's just Alcohol or It's just Pot!! Everybody's doing it!
    Alcohol is responsible for more student deaths in Middletown than any other drug or group of drugs put together.
    Research shows that marijuana inhibits the retrieval process of the brain thus effecting memory. Education??
    Random drug testing proves "Everyone is NOT drinking alcohol or smoking pot" but everyone your child is around might be?
    Intervention is part of prevention. As a parent you cannot advocate for your child to break the law! Ask DCPP.
    Students all know their "rights" and what you can't do as a parent.
    Get to know your rights as a parent and what you can do before the house burns down!!