• Business Management and Administration Pathway

              The purpose of the Business Management and Administration Pathway is to provide our students with the opportunity to concentrate their studies, beyond those required in high school, in the area of Business. In addition, students are guided to take advantage of extracurricular activities that will assist them in acquiring the skills necessary to compete in this global society. Such activities may include communicating with local businesses, Mock Trials, business competitions, building and creative project clubs, business-related internships, seminar series, and more.
               Throughout high school, you will be informed of opportunities, both inside and outside of school, to meet with college representatives as well as visiting guest speakers and internship possibilities. We look forward to having high quality speakers engage our students over the year. Attendance at a minimum of 7 presentations each year is required for membership in the Business Management and Administration Pathway, and a minimum average of a 70 is required to receive an endorsement in the pathway on your final transcript. There is also an Academy version of the pathway for students seeking a greater challenge. The Academy version requires a GPA of 3.0 or higher and the fulfillment of additional requirements as specified in the high school course selection book.