• March Math-Ness Teacher/Parent Page 

     This page is designed for teachers and parents to use during the March Math-Ness event. Below are the rules for the event, point submission form (teacher use only), and general overview video on how the website is designed.

    1 - This competition is an optional event for students and cannot replace homework.
    2 - Basketballs must have the student name, teacher name, and adult signature.
    3 - Work must be completed at home.
    4 - Coloring the basketball is encouraged (as long as work is visible).
    5 - Completed basketballs should be displayed in the hallways.
    6 - The adult signature indicates that the problem has been reviewed by an adult and is correct (we have not provided an answer key).
    7 - One point basketballs can be completed multiple times but not on the same night.
    8 - Two point basketballs involve visiting websites for 10-20 minutes...students can visit multiple websites to hand in multiple basketballs for two points. DreamBox visits can count per lesson completed.
    9 - Three point basketballs cannot be repeated until each one has been completed one time by the student.
    10 - There will be two winning classes overall. The bracket winner and the total point winner.
    11 - Teachers must email class point totals each day by 2:00pm.
    12 - Classes eliminated from the brackets are still eligible to win the total point prize. This prize is awarded to the class with the most total points earned during the entire event.
    13 - Each student who participates will be given a participation certificate.
    14 - All prizes will handed out by the end of the Month.
    15 - This event is designed to promote friendly academically based competition.
    16 - Any and all rules are subject to change at the discretion of the mathematics specialist and principal.