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    Middletown Township Virtual Health Office

    New students, and incoming kindergarten students: What is required to start school ?

    •Immunization record – including Varicella (Chicken Pox) after first birthday, DTap and Polio Boosters (or 4th dose after 4th Bday)

    •Immunizations must be on file in order to start Kindergarten
    •Physical Exam -  completed after July 1, 2021
    Medication Policy  
    •Medication form with physician signature & parental consent
    •Original container with pharmacy label
    •Parent must drop off medication. Children are not allowed to deliver medications.
    •Cough drops need a note from parent, each year.
    Communicable Diseases:
    •A doctor’s note is required when your child has been absent with such illnesses as strep throat, scarlet fever or questionable rashes. 
    •Fever over 100.4 degrees
    •Undiagnosed rash
    •Red, watery eye with yellow discharge
    •Symptoms that prevent them from participating in school, i.e. uncontrollable nasal discharge, excessive coughing or fatigue, sore throat.
    •Please keep your child home for 24 hours after vomiting or diarrhea has stopped.
    •Student’s should be fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school.
    Orthopedic Injuries
    If your child comes in with an ace bandage, cast, brace, splint, sling, stitches, butterfly stitches or glue, please send in a Doctor’s note that states student has the above accomodation, as well as clearance to be in school. Physical activity restriction parameters with timeframe should be included. 
    •A crutch order is necessary from your Doctor.
    •A Doctor’s note is needed to be excused from Physical Education Class
    Food Allergies Can Be Life-Threatening!
    •Only non-food items, such as pencils, erasers and stickers, may be sent to school to celebrate a student’s birthday.
    •Please avoid sending in products that may contain nut products.
    Kindergarten Students
    As you know, kindergartners occasionally have bathroom accidents. In order to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment, please send in a change of clothes to remain in the classroom. Please include pants, underwear, and socks in a clear plastic bag, labeled with your child’s name. In addition, please review proper bathroom hygiene procedures with your child at home.