• Staffing Services Evaluation and Recommendation Report


    The Middletown Township Board of Education requested proposals from educational staffing management firms to provide substitute staffing services to the Board of Education for certified and non-certified staff positions, including, but not limited to: Teachers, Instructional Paraprofessionals, Lunch Paraprofessionals, and Secretaries. Additionally, we were seeking assistance in filling paraprofessional vacancies that we are not successful in recruiting for

    The District has been experiencing a shortage of substitutes over the last few years, particularly in the area of paraprofessionals. We have also experienced difficulty in regularly staffing some paraprofessional positions. In order to meet the instructional requirements of our students, we are seeking to partner with a staffing firm with the appropriate industry expertise and organizational structure to manage the substitute needs of our District.

    For more information on the initiative please view the Staffing Services Evaluation and Recommendation Report.