Staff Directory

  • Each name in the following list of South staff members is a link to the staff's web page or email address.
  • James Anderson, Guidance
    Steve Antonucci, Physical Education
    Alexander Apice, Special Education
    Anton Atterbury, Physical Education
    Dina Bach, Science
    Alexa Baird, English
    Nikki Balsamo, Special Education
    Valerie Barney, World Languages
    Victor Bayers, Social Studies
    Brian Benoff, Science
    Al Bigos, Physical Education
    Donna Bower, Physical Education
    Sarah Boyce, Science
    Thomas Brennan, Social Studies
    Danielle Brosonski, Social Studies
    Maureen Canal, Science
    Kristen Carey, Social Studies
    Kaitlyn Carton, English
    Elizabeth Casper, Technology
    Donald Cernera, Science
    Kathleen Clifton, Consumer Science
    Matthew Conklin, English
    Christopher Corey, Social Studies
    Erica Crevier, World Languages
    Liese DeBona, Consumer Science
    Doloris DeMaio, Science
    Jennifer Denman, Science
    Jared Deppler, Social Studies
    Justine Durdack, English
    Nina D'Urso, Social Studies
    Tara Ernst, Math
    Tina Fidalgo, World Languages
    Jackie Fischer, Fine Arts
    Cristina Fox, Mathematics
    Julia Gargiulo, Science
    Melissa Gohar, Special Education
    Ashley Gregory, Business
    Robert Grella, Physical Education
    Amy Grimm, English
    Kristen Haar, Social Studies
    Jordan Hickman, Special Education
    James Homiak, Assistant Principal
    Deanna Houlihan, Special Education
    Ashley Imhoff, Guidance
    Tuck Isherwood, World Languages
    Susan Karbowski, Consumer Science
    Emily Kaster, Fine Arts
    Lori Ketcham, Special Education
    Rae Koumoulis, Business
    Steven Koumoulis, Social Studies
    Alexis Kozak, English
  • Linda Lavin, Fine Arts
    Patricia Lentine, Business
    Bob Lightbody, Social Studies
    Michael Lubischer, World Languages
    Regina Luisi, English
    Brian Masotta, Special Education
    Kelly Matri, Science
    Shannon McDonald, Special Education
    Rosibel Mota, World Languages
    Sean Mullan, Social Studies
    Rod Murchie, Physical Education
    Christine Nagy, Media Specialist
    Anthony Nemati, Social Studies
    Tara Nicholas, Guidance
    Bill O'Hea, Social Studies
    Melissa Oliva, Special Education
    Leyna O'Reilly, World Languages
    Linda Picciotto, Special Education
    Michael Raguseo, Fine Arts
    James Rasmussen, Vice Principal
    Alan Resnick, Guidance
    Dawn Resnick, Science
    Daniel Riverso, Business
    Kelly Rizzetta, World Languages
    Tom Romano, Social Studies
    Tom Rooney, Social Studies
    Marc Seigel, Science
    Brittany Sferlazzo, Technology
    Karen Shih, Math
    Denise Skinner, Guidance
    Lisa Smith, Physical Education
    Ashley Sogluizzo, Physical Education
    Ryan Spillane, Physical Education
    Kevin Sullivan, Science
    Heather Thompson, Special Education
    Lisa Thorne, Physical Education
    Lynn Torres, World Languages
    Nick Trezza, Special Education
    Erin Tulko, Social Studies
    Christen Tummillo, Fine Arts
    Mayra Velasquez, English
    Kristina Venuto, English
    Cindy Vogt, Special Education
    Rebecca Walker, English
    Karen Wessel, English
    Stacy White, Trainer
    Lisa Whitmore, English
    Nick Wright, English

    There are no records to display.