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    "March Math-Ness" Competition
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            Leonardo Grade School is proud to present its first ever, “March Math-Ness” Competition. Beginning Friday, March 14, 2014, students in grades K-5 will be encouraged to participate in this at-home enrichment opportunity that is sure to be beneficial and FUN! 


          Leonardo’s "March Math-Ness" combines the sport of basketball with the subject of mathematics. Much like the NCAA March Basketball tournament, Leonardo’s “March Math-Ness” places our 12 classes against each other in a friendly competition where students will work together as a team to see who can earn the most points by the end of the week (Friday, March 21, 2014). All of the materials needed to participate can be found on the left side bar of this webpage.  (Classroom teachers will also have mathematical tasks available for students without computer or printer access.) 


    Here’s how it works:
    1. Students will have the opportunity to choose one or several mathematical tasks to complete at home in addition to their regularly assigned mathematics homework. (Please Note: Mathematics homework does not qualify for competition points.)
    2. Just like basketball, these tasks have been assigned separate point values. 

      Ø 1 point Basketballs involve Basic Fact Practice. Problems appear directly on a Basketball Template

      Ø 2 point Basketballs involve a Math Website Visit. Students have the option to visit a favorite MATH site. (A website suggestion list will be available.) Students play for 10 -20 minutes, depending on their age/grade level. However, that’s not all. Students must also complete a special 2 point basketball template by writing and describing their experience to earn the 2 points. (Students simply tell something they learned or something interesting that occurred while playing.)

      Ø 3 point Basketballs involve Problem Solving. Students have the option to choose from an assortment of problem solving tasks that require them to read carefully, think and create a plan before finding a solution. Again, a separate 3 point Basketball Template will be available. Students are to show their work on the back and explain their solution in words on the front. (3 point problems do not need to be printed.  ONLY the completed, 3 point Basketball Template is to be returned to school.) 

    3. The work involved in this competition is differentiated and based on a student's grade level.
    4. Once a student has completed a paper basketball template, parents are to check and sign off on their work.
    5. Next, students are encouraged to color, cut-out, and return their paper basketballs back to their teacher. 
    6. Our classroom teachers will keep a record of all basketballs handed in and points earned by their class. Therefore, each day paper basketballs (containing completed math work) are returned to school, points are calculated to find a total score for the class. 

    To encourage student participation, Leonardo’s “March Math-Ness” is offering the following incentives:  

    Daily Winners:  (The highest point total for the DAY) will be announced each day and they will receive

    ·        a “No Math H.W. Pass” for each student and …

    ·        a framed “March Math-Ness Daily Winner” certificate for their classroom.

    The Over-All Point Winner:  (The Highest point total for the WEEK)  will be announced on Monday, March 26, 2014 and they will receive …

    ·        a “No Math H.W. Pass” for each student,

    ·        a framed “March Math-Ness Daily Winner” certificate for their classroom

    ·        a larger “March Math-Ness Over-All Highest Point Winner” Certificate for the classroom, and

    ·        a special PIZZA LUNCH celebration on March 28, 2014.


     We hope you are excited and choose to participate in Leonardo Grade School’s “March Math-Ness” Competition!  Best of Luck to Everyone!  

    Mrs. Kathleen A. Sidoti, Principal                             Mrs. Valerie A. DeMatteo,
    Leonardo Grade School                                               Mathematics Specialist

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