• Middletown North Physical Education Contract

    Physical Education Philosophy


    The students will be exposed to authentic learning experiences involving mind and body to expose, promote, develop, and internalize the components of responsible decision making using critical thinking skills.  Using these skills the students will be guided to discover the inherent value of making responsible decisions about their individual health and personal fitness, with the goal of creating a personal quest for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle as adult members of our society.  The instructional expectations involve and use recognized best practices and engaged learning through cooperative groups, triads, and pairs.  The visible measure of achieving this goal will be students who are physically active because they feel a level of competence and enjoyment.

                As the students enter high school the emphasis in the Physical Education classes becomes lifetime fitness and technical mastery of fitness and sport activities, which will support a healthy and active lifestyle for adults.



    Physical Education Course Requirements



    *Each student must purchase a combination lock and pick a small locker to use for PE.


    *Each student must tell their PE teacher their combination and locker number prior to the first day of activity.  If a student does not provide this information they will lose points towards their preparation grade each day.


    Dress Code

    *Students must follow the dress code rules from the student handbook and wear appropriate PE attire.  Students must change from their school clothing into their PE clothing.


                *Appropriate PE attire includes sneakers that can be tied tightly and athletic          shirts and pants/shorts.


    Medical Excuses

    *If students are excused from PE they must provide a written note from a physician stating how long they will be excused.


    *Students may be required to complete a PE project if they are absent/excused from class for a long period of time.