• Welcome to the Fairview Focus
    Take a look at our second issue for the 2014-2015 school year!
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  • Rules and Guidelines of the Fairview Focus
    • Submissions can be: art work, stories, poetry, book reviews, articles on science, sports or other subjects.
    • Electronic submissions are preferred over paper ones. Please send submissions to fairviewnews@yahoo.com. If you cannot send an electronic submission please send the material to the school, marked for Fairview Focus.
    • Mark submissions clearly with child’s name (first name and last initial), grade and section.
    • Please provide, when possible, a contact email address for all submissions, whether electronic or paper. . 
    • Submissions should not include content that reveal identity of children (this includes, but is not limited to, photographs, real names, addresses, and relationships). 
    • Text submissions (articles, book reviews, poetry) should not exceed 300 words.
    • Paper submissions will not be returned, so please make a copy if necessary before submitting.
    • If a submission is found to have errors a re-submission with corrections will be requested. 
    • A few submissions will be selected at random for each category (art, reviews, articles, etc) for print publication. All submissions that meet the requirements will be published online.
    • We aim to uphold the permissions granted for Media Permission Slip. Please complete another form to submit with student publications so that student privacy can be maintained.