• Welcome to Harmony's 8th Annual

    March Math-Ness Competition

       "March Math-Ness" is a friendly mathematics competition that differentiates mathematical tasks based on the student's learning level. Starting March 25, 2022, students will be asked to participate in the "March Math-Ness" competition as an extra-curricular/enrichment opportunity.

       Students are asked to complete different mathematical tasks that are given separate point values (1 point, 2 point, & 3 point problems). The student can choose which point value and basketball activity they want to complete. Responses are then recorded on a paper basketball and points earned are submitted on the linked forms that are updated daily.

       This competition places classes against each other in a friendly bracket system much like the NCAA March Basketball tournament. Each day, classes with the most points (in this head-to-head matchup) move on through the tournament. Classes that do not proceed to the next round should not give up; they can still earn points and aim to achieve the "Overall Point Winner" title. This means that we will crown two winning classes: the bracket challenge winner and the total point winner. The two winning class will be rewarded at the end of the competition, and all students who participate will be recognized. 

    Each differentiated level is on the side left bar of this webpage.