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Welcome Back Students!!! Today is an A-day. Cohort 2 in-person students report to school today.

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  • Students Logging On From Home When They Should be Physically Present*

    Please report a student absence to the attendance office and the health office if your child is ill.  If a student is ill or required to quarantine, virtual instruction may be attended in lieu of in-person instruction (documentation may be required).  

    If a student is scheduled for in-person learning but attends virtual instruction and has not notified the school about illness or quarantine, the following procedures will be followed.  

    1. 1st Occurrence- Teacher marks student virtual present (VP). Student and parent will be contacted by the school.

    2. 2nd Occurrence- Teacher marks student virtual present (VP). Student and parent will be contacted by the school.  Warning issued to student.

    3. 3rd Occurrence- Teacher marks student absent. Administrator contacts parent/guardian. Student placed on remote learning until the beginning of Phase 5 (on or around November 16th) OR the end of the current marking period**.

    **-A re-entry meeting must take place with student, parent/guardian, guidance counselor, CST (when appropriate), and administrator before the student will be considered for a physical return to school.

    • Parents/guardians, the daily student health screening form must be completed the morning of school.
      • There is a Block 1 A teacher and a Block 1B teacher.
      • Please be careful to enter the correct name of the teacher depending on the day.
      • Thursday, September 17th will be the name of the Block 1B teacher and Friday, September 18th will be the name of the Block 1A teacher.
    • Staff and students are not permitted to wear masks that have exhalation valves or vents which allow virus particles to escape.
      • As a person inhales, the incoming air is filtered. As he or she exhales, the outgoing mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapor and viral particles are unfiltered and released.” 
    • The teachers are providing their lesson assignments, class notes, videos and important information on their Google Classrooms.   Students should have all their teachers' Google Classroom Codes. 

    Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid Night

    7:00 PM - September 24, 2020
    Here is the link to register:  Virtual Live Financial Aid Presentation  

    Any students who are having difficulty with their chromebooks...


     Attention all students / parents / guardians

    During the week of September 14th, current 10th-12th grade students must return all books (textbooks, library books, etc.) to their schools.  Students may not receive their materials for this school year until this process is complete. 

    Bus Assignment information is on our district website on the transportation page under the VersaTrans eLink Portal:   https://www.middletownk12.org/Domain/52  

    Parents do not need to complete these forms to be assigned to a bus if they are eligible.

    For Student Parking Information and Application please click the Student Parking link in the "Back to School" section below.

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    High School North Mission and Beliefs

    The Middletown High School North Community is committed to developing each individual’s maximum potential for acquiring, using, and enjoying knowledge so that each may become a productive and caring member of our society. In order to provide quality programs and excellent facilities that support each student’s academic and social growth, our school is committed to a strong participatory partnership with our staff, our community, our students and their families.

    We believe that….

    1. All students can learn and be productive members of the school community.
    2. All members of the school community deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
    3. The promotion of positive interpersonal skills and acceptance of diverse groups of people are necessary for the personal and educational growth of each individual.
    4. Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making are life skills that can be developed and enhanced across the curricula and through extra-curricular activities.
    5. Students should be provided a safe and nurturing environment with the necessary resources to foster physical and mental well-being.
    6. The school atmosphere must promote individuality, creativity, and originality; honesty and integrity are expected.
    7. Academic, social, and technological skills across the curricula prepare students for college and career ­readiness.


Anti Bullying Notice

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