• Bayshore Middle School

    Mrs. Toner - Syllabus and Contract - 2022-2023

    Social Studies 6 - World History

    Contact: Eileen Toner  tonere@middletownk12.org


    Course Objectives:

    Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to think analytically and systematically about how past interactions of people, cultures, and the environment affect issues across time and cultures. Students will work to develop critical thinking, research, analysis, writing, and communication skills through the study of ancient civilizations and world history. Furthermore, students are encouraged to consider the influences these historic events have had on society through time to the present day. Such knowledge and skills enable students to make informed decisions as socially and ethically responsible world citizens in the 21st century.


    Students will work on Reading, Writing Assignments, and Projects, including:

    • Reading - both independently and in class -  of assigned and student-chosen material
    • Research projects and presentations that demonstrate the use of reliable sources
    • Student-driven debates and class discussions
    • Document-based questions (DBQs) and open-ended questions (OEQs)


    Homework is assigned as an extension of the work students are doing in class. Timely completion is essential to assess student understanding, and, often, as preparatory material for the following day’s class. 


    Extra help is available after school on an as-needed basis. Please contact Mrs. Toner before staying late to make sure there are no conflicts that afternoon. 


    Calculation of grade:

    • Minor assessments: 50%  This category includes quizzes, milestones within a long-term project, graded in-class discussions, class activities, and short writing assignments. 
    • Major assessments: 40% This category includes unit assessments, culminating projects/presentations, final essays, debates, DBQs, and research projects.  

                         Assessments are graded on assignment-specific criteria using a rubric.

    • Academic responsibility: 10%  This category includes homework and classwork assignments, as well as class participation


    Consequences for Plagiarism/Cheating: The policy regarding plagiarism and other acts of academic dishonesty, and consequences for such violations are clearly outlined in the Middle School Handbook Code of Conduct 2022-2023. Plagiarism means passing off someone else’s work as your own, whether it’s the work of a fellow student or work taken from outside sources, including the internet, without appropriate citation. Please be advised that it usually takes only seconds to prove that work was plagiarized, and the consequences of academic dishonesty are significant. 

    Assignments and due dates are to be written by the student in his/her planner, and can also be found on Google Classroom.


    Class Contract:

    I commit to doing my best every day, out of respect for myself as well as those around me. That means I will be prepared, behave in a respectful manner, and participate appropriately. I understand that assignments must be submitted on time in order to receive credit, and that missed work will impact my marking period grade significantly. I understand that it is my responsibility to find out what work I missed while absent, and that the make-up work is due within the same number of school days as I was absent. I have reviewed these rules with my parent/guardian, and I understand what I need to do to be successful in class.