• Goals of the Program

    To afford students, that are demonstrating academic excellence and characteristics of advanced learners, the opportunity to apply foundational skills in the pursuit of individualized learning opportunities that focus on innovative thinking, creativity, and critical thinking.

    Grade Span of the Program

    • Students in Grades K-6 are eligible for participation in the program.
    • Students in Grades 7-12 are afforded extended opportunities through participation in advanced placement and/ or honors level courses and instructional differentiation within the regular classroom setting.


    Identification Process

    1. Identification matrix for academic criteria based on grade-level specific criteria for ELA and Mathematics
    2. If a student meets the academic criteria listed above, the teacher is asked to complete an evaluation which measures learning behaviors. This tool allows the teacher to provide critical insights into potential student-candidates as learners who are intrinsically motivated, display task-commitment, possess critical thinking skills, and are naturally curious.


    Program Structure

    • The program consists of three 10-week cycles of participation.  Each cycle affords more students the opportunity to be captured within the screening process. (Student screening process to take place 3-times per year as it allows for a more growth-minded process and program).  
    • Previously identified students’ participation in consecutive cycles is fluid and subject to maintaining classroom performance while participating in additional independent learning opportunities.  
    • Individualized Project oversight is managed by the Educational Technology Specialist assigned to each building.  The ETS works in collaboration with the classroom teacher, other building specialists, the principal, parents, and most importantly, the students, to steer the students in their pursuits of individualized learning interests that apply their strengths in innovative and creative ways.  
    • Students in Grades 3-6 have the opportunity for a pull-out consult with the ETS.  For students in Grades K-2, the model is a push in support for identified students.  In all grade levels, the goal is to have each student’s individual learning pursuits become integrated into a regular classroom setting as much as possible.  
    • Students will be guided by the ETS and classroom teachers in short-term and long-term project goal setting.  In addition, students will be afforded the opportunity for active reflection related to their learning pursuits on a regular basis.  
    • Students will be encouraged to share their projects and journeys at our District Innovation Fair and/or Gifted and Talented Share Fair.