• Gifted and Talented Program


    Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Program page. Additional information about the Middletown Township Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program can be located below.


    Program Goals

    To afford students that are demonstrating academic excellence and characteristics of advanced learners, the opportunity to apply foundational skills in the pursuit of individualized learning opportunities that focus on innovative thinking, creativity, and critical thinking.


    Grade Level Eligibility

    • Students in Grades K-6 are eligible for participation in the program.
    • Students in Grades 7-12 are afforded extended opportunities through participation in advanced placement and/ or honors level courses and instructional differentiation within the regular classroom setting.


    Identification Process

    • Identification matrix for academic criteria based on CogAt Screener, grade-level specific criteria for ELA and Mathematics, and/or teacher recommendation.
    • If a student meets the academic criteria listed above, the teacher is asked to complete an evaluation which measures Behavioral Characteristics of Advanced Learners.  This tool allows the teacher to provide critical insights into potential student-candidates as learners who are intrinsically motivated, display task-commitment, possess critical thinking skills, and are naturally curious.  Form totals are then calculated for each student.  Each factor is evaluated on a 1-6 Likert Scale with 1 being designated as Never and 6 being designated as Always.
    • Additional Screenings/Reverse Screening: To ensure the capture of as many potential candidates as possible, teachers are asked to provide the names of any students that were not preliminary identified through the above screening mechanisms.  These students are then “reversed screened” for participation.  Additionally, in the spirit of inclusivity and opportunity, students that may not purely meet the criteria, but exhibit certain behavioral characteristics can be considered for participation in consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators.


    Complaint Policy

    • The  parent/guardian  of  a  child  who  has  not  been  recommended for placement in the K-6 G&T program but who the parent feels has shown the ability to be successful in the program, may contact Devyn Orozco (orozcod@middletownk12.org), requesting that the recommendation be considered when further  information becomes  available. This information includes benchmark assessment data and standardized test scores that were not available previously.
    • The  parent/guardian  of  a  child  who  has  not  been  recommended for placement in the middle school honors program or high school honors/Advanced Placement courses but who the parent feels has shown the ability to be successful in the program, may contact the child's guidance counselor requesting that the recommendation be  considered when  further  information  becomes available. This information includes marking period grades and standardized test scores that were not available previously.